föstudagur, 23. desember 2016

Home For Christmas; Chapter 1

I'll admit that it's been a long time since i've blogged. I've been rather busy and sort of forgot about it. And lets be honest, i don't have a lot of readers eighter so its not like a lot of people missed my writing. Even tough i havent been blogging, i still have my religous life on full speed, no doubt. But it's Christmas, and as my grandmother was pouring me a cup of tea and handing me a few of her homemade oatmeal-raisin Cookies, i suddenly remembered, that i haven't taken a look at my blog for a while. So what better reason could i have to write posts during this Holiday. During the next Four days im going to do the Four chapters of christmas;Daily Blog.

I'm spending the holidays at my grandmothers, Away from my family, It sure does take a toll, taking that my family, including I, lives on the other end of the country. But i am wery thankful to have my grandmother to spend christmas with. Before i flew over here i bought two books, ive been trying to get into reading more, so i bought Ms. Penegrines Home For Peculiar Children and Harry potter and the Philosophers stone. My new years resulution is to read 4 books a month for the year of 2017, plus of course what i read in the bible every day.

Today i finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone, its an epic christmas read, even tough it has nothing at all do to with christmas, its fun. We christians, or at least I, Don't nessaceraly devote out entire lives to doing things Christians ''should'' do. I read a book about kid Wizards, I listen to All sorts of music and watch all sorts of movies. We have normal basic lives as well, even tough i choose not to drink alcohol, Im still a person. And the funny thing is i wouldn't be able to be one if it weren't for jesus Christ.

I'm really excited to dive into Meaning and the history of christmas tomorrow. Today was just a Normal post, or as you would put it.

With Prayer and Love,