föstudagur, 30. september 2016

Footprints in the sand

Hey guys!

So as you know I am a christian, and a lot of people like to listen to christian music. I love listening to christian music. But I also like to listen to other music that is not labelled as christian. 

My favourite artist, Sia writes the most amazing songs and has the most beautiful voice. i love her albums and i was a bit surprised when i stumbled upon a song in her album "This is acting" called Footprints.

(It would be awesome if you could listen to it now but you don't have to)

That song is about how she fell into a hole of depression and she felt like she was walking (a metaphor) in the sand and saw only two footprints, and she thought god left her but he was holding her the entire time, and in the song she talks about how she realised that.

I personally had no idea that my favourite artist was a christian. but thats honestly Awesome! this is one of my favourite songs by her. Even tough most of her songs I listen to by her are not directly about christianity, but she is and thats enough.

Please tell me who your favorite christian song is! I love to listen to new songs.

God blesss you, and be with you,