föstudagur, 23. desember 2016

Home For Christmas; Chapter 1

I'll admit that it's been a long time since i've blogged. I've been rather busy and sort of forgot about it. And lets be honest, i don't have a lot of readers eighter so its not like a lot of people missed my writing. Even tough i havent been blogging, i still have my religous life on full speed, no doubt. But it's Christmas, and as my grandmother was pouring me a cup of tea and handing me a few of her homemade oatmeal-raisin Cookies, i suddenly remembered, that i haven't taken a look at my blog for a while. So what better reason could i have to write posts during this Holiday. During the next Four days im going to do the Four chapters of christmas;Daily Blog.

I'm spending the holidays at my grandmothers, Away from my family, It sure does take a toll, taking that my family, including I, lives on the other end of the country. But i am wery thankful to have my grandmother to spend christmas with. Before i flew over here i bought two books, ive been trying to get into reading more, so i bought Ms. Penegrines Home For Peculiar Children and Harry potter and the Philosophers stone. My new years resulution is to read 4 books a month for the year of 2017, plus of course what i read in the bible every day.

Today i finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone, its an epic christmas read, even tough it has nothing at all do to with christmas, its fun. We christians, or at least I, Don't nessaceraly devote out entire lives to doing things Christians ''should'' do. I read a book about kid Wizards, I listen to All sorts of music and watch all sorts of movies. We have normal basic lives as well, even tough i choose not to drink alcohol, Im still a person. And the funny thing is i wouldn't be able to be one if it weren't for jesus Christ.

I'm really excited to dive into Meaning and the history of christmas tomorrow. Today was just a Normal post, or as you would put it.

With Prayer and Love,

föstudagur, 30. september 2016

Footprints in the sand

Hey guys!

So as you know I am a christian, and a lot of people like to listen to christian music. I love listening to christian music. But I also like to listen to other music that is not labelled as christian. 

My favourite artist, Sia writes the most amazing songs and has the most beautiful voice. i love her albums and i was a bit surprised when i stumbled upon a song in her album "This is acting" called Footprints.

(It would be awesome if you could listen to it now but you don't have to)

That song is about how she fell into a hole of depression and she felt like she was walking (a metaphor) in the sand and saw only two footprints, and she thought god left her but he was holding her the entire time, and in the song she talks about how she realised that.

I personally had no idea that my favourite artist was a christian. but thats honestly Awesome! this is one of my favourite songs by her. Even tough most of her songs I listen to by her are not directly about christianity, but she is and thats enough.

Please tell me who your favorite christian song is! I love to listen to new songs.

God blesss you, and be with you,


mánudagur, 16. maí 2016

No Stones To Throw

Hello loves,

Today i am drinking my lovely cup of Earl grey tea, with my soar throat. I stared at my empty page wondering what to write today, and then i remembered a good story from my favourite book, the Bible. This story is in the new testament, and is about a woman named Mary Magdalene. She was, at that time, labeled as a whore, a hooker. She was having sex with men in change for money. And during that time that was a big sin.

So in this day, she was laying on the town square and men were throwing stones at her. Jesus saw this happening and wrote something unknown on the ground, stood up and said ''Ye without sin cast the first stone''. The men looked at each other, dropped their stones and walked away. After that Mary Magdalene was ever grateful and always stood by jesus's side. She was forgiven for her sins.

This is something we can always relate to in real life. If i judge someone for their wrong behaviour, and i myself have done something just as bad. Who am i to judge someone, when i'm no better?

Let's not judge people, lets not throw stones at others when we have not looked in our own souls and asked for forgiveness. We're all people, we all sin, even if some of us don't want to.

Have a lovely day, remember you can send me an email at sigrunm13@gmail.com if you want to ask questions, need prayer or counselling :) 

God bless you, and be with you,

- María 

sunnudagur, 15. maí 2016

A Great Day in History; Pentecost

Hello loves,

Today is a Great day for us Christians. In case you do not know, now it has been 50 days from easter, and that means something awesome happened in history, around 2016 years ago, Pentecost.

As i hope we all know, In easter, jesus rose up from death. he was crusified and rose up on the third day from that. Then he went up to heaven 40 days from easter, which was 10 days ago. Now today jesus had been in heaven for 10 days and he wanted us here down on earth, gods children, to have a Holy spirit. This holy spirit makes it possible for us to connect to god and feel his love swirling trough us. We have all heard the phrase ''God is everywhere'', Then they're referencing the holy spirit, which is a part of god (God, jesus and the Holy spirit).

On Pentecost, his disciples were eating dinner, they heard a sound outside, like a thunder sound, and they ran to check what it was, they couldn't see it, because it was a spirit coming down to us and in stead of seeing it, they felt it in their bones. They felt the love and existence. Then they started to speak in different languages, they had no idea what they were saying, it was god speaking though them and telling them to go around the world and tell others of the existence of god and jesus, and what jesus did to free the people. This is how we learned about god, this is how the bible was translated and god made it possible for us to know about him.

I personally feel the excistance of the holy spirit everyday. When i pray, when i talk about god and from the second i enter my church, The salvation army, i feel it.

If you haven't found holy spirit yet, look for it, cause it's there. Go to your nearest church, i personally recommend the salvation army, their life motto is to help, to help people and help them find their Salvation. God is there, he is everywhere. He just wants to reach you, and he does, trough the holy spirit.

I hope this log helped you understand the meaning of Pentecost. Sometimes, even i admit, it can be hard to understand the words of the bible. And that is understandable, giving it was written a thousand years ago, and that is what i wanna do, help you understand the stories of the bible in a easier way.

Remember if you want to ask me a question about anything, need counselling or want to pray for you, you can send me an e-mail on sigrunm13@gmail.com And everything will be kept and read anonymously.

God bless you, and be with you.


Always do your own best!

Hello loves, 

Drinking Pukka Night time Tea tonight, and i wanted to write this following for you.
So my main goal with this blog is to post every other blog with a quote and a consideration of the day from the bible or about religion or god. Then the other blogs will be something else, not nessacarly about religon, just something more personal, so tonight it will be about how you should always do your own best.

When we hear the phrase "do your best!" And we didnt do so good, it does not mean we did bad. For example now i am using what i can relate to, and that is exams. I am studying in collage and though i am pushing trough it i don't always do my best on tests and exams.
In iceland we grade from 0-10. And that is 0%-100% correct on the test. If we get 4.5 or under we fail. I usually get around 6. So i am hanging on. But the thing is, i could do better, my wery own best is how much work and consideration i put into it. 

Once i studied my ass of for a test, and i got a 7. it's not a ten, its not the best i COULD get, but it was my very OWN best. i was very happy about it, cause i did the best i could, and that's what you should always do. 

God bless you, and may holy spirit be with you, 


laugardagur, 14. maí 2016

Verse of the day and Earl grey

Today is may 14th and its a nice beautiful day, The sun is shining. It may not seem special but to me it certainly is. During Spring in my national country, Iceland, we don't get a lot of sun, so to me it is a beautiful day to be alive and alive with god. 

This morning i sat down with my earl grey and searched for my verse of the day on the porch in the back yard. As i looked i came across a psalm. Anyone who knows me knows i love psalms. They are my favourite thing to read in the bible. My favourite one is psalm 42, if you want to check that out, but that is not the one I'm going to share with you today. The one I'm going to share with you today is psalm 17. Written of king David. you can read it in it's entire here: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+17&version=NIV

We all read and interpret the verses and psalms on our own way, they can mean different things to us based on the things that have happened to us and what is happening right now. But in this psalm, in the way i interpret it, David is telling his lord that he has done everything he was suppose to and wants lord to hear his prayer.
in verse 5, he says,  ''My steps have held to your paths, my feet have not stumbled.''

In that verse he tells his lord that he has held on to what god told him to do and not betrayed him. I can relate to that, Ever since i became a solider in the salvation army i have kept my promises to god. f.x i have not used alcohol nor smoked a cigarette, (i never had before though) I have kept god in my life as a best friend and i have done my best to help the world and the people around me.

Thank you for reading my blog for the day and if you have any questions for me i would be more than glad to help you, send me an E-mail at Sigrunm13@gmail.com and i will take my time and knowledge to answer you and help as i can. 

God bless you,