sunnudagur, 15. maí 2016

Always do your own best!

Hello loves, 

Drinking Pukka Night time Tea tonight, and i wanted to write this following for you.
So my main goal with this blog is to post every other blog with a quote and a consideration of the day from the bible or about religion or god. Then the other blogs will be something else, not nessacarly about religon, just something more personal, so tonight it will be about how you should always do your own best.

When we hear the phrase "do your best!" And we didnt do so good, it does not mean we did bad. For example now i am using what i can relate to, and that is exams. I am studying in collage and though i am pushing trough it i don't always do my best on tests and exams.
In iceland we grade from 0-10. And that is 0%-100% correct on the test. If we get 4.5 or under we fail. I usually get around 6. So i am hanging on. But the thing is, i could do better, my wery own best is how much work and consideration i put into it. 

Once i studied my ass of for a test, and i got a 7. it's not a ten, its not the best i COULD get, but it was my very OWN best. i was very happy about it, cause i did the best i could, and that's what you should always do. 

God bless you, and may holy spirit be with you, 


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