mánudagur, 16. maí 2016

No Stones To Throw

Hello loves,

Today i am drinking my lovely cup of Earl grey tea, with my soar throat. I stared at my empty page wondering what to write today, and then i remembered a good story from my favourite book, the Bible. This story is in the new testament, and is about a woman named Mary Magdalene. She was, at that time, labeled as a whore, a hooker. She was having sex with men in change for money. And during that time that was a big sin.

So in this day, she was laying on the town square and men were throwing stones at her. Jesus saw this happening and wrote something unknown on the ground, stood up and said ''Ye without sin cast the first stone''. The men looked at each other, dropped their stones and walked away. After that Mary Magdalene was ever grateful and always stood by jesus's side. She was forgiven for her sins.

This is something we can always relate to in real life. If i judge someone for their wrong behaviour, and i myself have done something just as bad. Who am i to judge someone, when i'm no better?

Let's not judge people, lets not throw stones at others when we have not looked in our own souls and asked for forgiveness. We're all people, we all sin, even if some of us don't want to.

Have a lovely day, remember you can send me an email at sigrunm13@gmail.com if you want to ask questions, need prayer or counselling :) 

God bless you, and be with you,

- María 

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